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     L956FH is a wheel loader tailored for mines and other heavy-duty working conditions to handle hard materials, featuring long wheelbase and large breakout force, and widely used in such occasions as construction site, sand mills, mining and urban construction.
    1.Energy-saving low-speed engine meeting the requirements of China II emission standard is provided, which realizes a perfect matching with high-efficient and large-capacity torque converter and SDLG 1st generation of energy-saving technology, improves operating efficiency, reduces energy consumption and realizes a comprehensive energy saving of more than 10%;
    2.Adopt the engine hood made of automobile grade mould forming steel and the moulded balance iron having strong sense, thus the safety and reliability are higher;
    3.The bucket bottom lifting mechanism also adopts the wear-resisting plate structure, so as to reduce the bucket wear during operation;
    4.Engine hood and heat dissipation hood are designed with a large opening respectively to provide larger space for maintenance;
    5.Oil filter, fuel filter and air filter are arranged at the same side to facilitate maintenance

    Item Specifications
    Operating weight 17200kg
    Bucket capacity 3.2m³
    Rated load 5000kg
    Max.breakout force ≥165kN
    Max.dumping height(E) 3100mm
    Dumping distance(G) 1120mm
    LxWxH 8280×3024×3410mm
    Max.tractive force 165kN
    Total time ≤10.0s
    Steering angle(O) 38°
    Tipping load ≥110kN
    Rated power / speed 162kW

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