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     L958F is the long wheelbase, energy-saving and high-end loader launched by SDLG, which has brand new appearance, high-end configuration, good stability and strong durability. This product has large breakout force and tipping load, featuring good stability, which is widely used in mining, heavy-load spading, stripping of original soil and other heavy-load conditions.
    1.Wheel loader is increased to 3300mm to make it suitable for operation under heavy industrial and mining environment such as mines;
    2.The cooling system is designed with area-enlarged radiator, optimized inlet and outlet air channels to effectively decrease the temperature of water for engine and the temperature of oil for hydraulic system, which provides the entire machine with high cooling efficiency;
    3.the cab has wide vision, large operation space, fully-covered cab internal trimmings, good sealing performance, up-to-ISO-standard air conditioning, interior and exterior cycling filtration system and safe and comfortable driving environment;

    Item Specifications
    Operating weight 17130kg
    Bucket capacity 3.2m³
    Rated load 5000kg
    Max.breakout force ≥194kN
    Max.dumping height(E) 3100mm
    Dumping distance(G) 1120mm
    LxWxH 8280×3024×3410mm
    Max.tractive force ≥165kN
    Total tim ≤10.0S
    Steering angle(O) 40°
    Tipping load ≥110kN
    Rated power / speed 162kW

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