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     L968F loader is a highly reliable and energy-saving product new;y designed by SDLG with long wheelloadbase and large digging capacity, and is suitable for mining dock and other heavy-duty conditions, with the new family appearance design showing the steady and generous characterostics.
    1.It is equipped with Weichai WD10G240E202 engine which features high power reserve, high torque, strong power, low fuel consumption, high quality, low emission and high reability;
    2.VRT200 gearbox is adopted with front four and rear four gear positions to render better transmission efficiency and larger transmission ratio of forward positions 1 and 2 owing to the one additional position, and its comprehensive efficiency is increased by over 8%。  
    3.The new generation of brand new optimized front and rear frames are adopted with reliable technological reliability, rational distribution of load, rational structure and twofold fatigue life;
    4.Steel engine hood produced using automotive grade molds is adopted. It adopts the streamlined structure with surface welded points removed, making it look attractive and magnificent. The molded balance iron employs a more powerful shape to provide high reliability and strength;

    Item Specifications
    Operating weight 19800kg
    Bucket capacity 3.5m³(3.0-5.0)
    Rated load 6000kg
    Max.breakout force ≥210kN
    Max.dumping height(E) 3200mm
    Dumping distance(G) 1140mm
    LxWxH 8680*3038*3470mm
    Max.tractive force ≥170kN
    Total time ≤11.2s
    Steering angle(O) 38°
    Tipping load ≥128kN
    Rated power / speed 178kW

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