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    LG959 is a kind of high-end loader meeting American Tier 3 standard that is developed by SDLG and VOLVO jointly for North America and other export markets. This product integrates the characteristics of reliability, comfort and energy saving of SDLG and is a main force of SDLG for exploring the international market.
    It adopts D7E electric control common rail engine manufactured by VOLVO specifically for SDLG that meets American Tier 3 standard and is characterized by low noise, low emission, low fuel consumption, reliable performance and strong power. DDE electric control engine meeting Tier 3 standard can be selected in Asia-Pacific market and other international markets.
    Independent heat dissipation is adopted by the cooling system; the fan is driven by the hydraulic motor to ensure the fan speed can be adjusted automatically, which is energy efficient; double-row series and parallel structure, temperature-controlled induced draft fan and thermal insulation and air guiding design of heat-dissipating cabin are adopted, which greatly improves the heat dissipation efficiency.
    It is equipped with ZF axis-fixed electro-hydraulic shifting transmission of reliable performance that can be operated easily and flexibly; it adopts ZF wet brake drive axle that is of good brake performance and high reliability.
    Three-stage shock absorption system that has good shock absorption performance is adopted by the complete machine, and the noise in the cab is reduced, which improves the operation comfort of driver.
    It is equipped with FOPS/ROPS cab with wide vision and large operation space; the full-coverage cab interior is adopted, which ensures good sealing performance and lower interior noise; the inside and outside circulation air conditioner is equipped as standard, which ensures safety and comfort.
    The self-developed digitized combined dashboard of SDLG is adopted, which ensures high human-machine interaction; the centralized control is adopted for the electric apparatus of complete machine, which ensures convenient inspection and maintenance and high reliability of electric component.
    It adopts the pilot single lever control system, which ensures convenient and flexible operation and reliable performance; it adopts the load-sensing fully hydraulic steering system that has the emergency steering function; it adopts fully hydraulic brake, which stable and reliable brake.
    New generation frame with box-type structure is adopted, which provides reasonable load distribution and steering soft stop and reduces the impact, with overall fatigue life of 8,000 h at most; the hinged part is of composite structure of tapered roller bearing and spherical plain bearing, which is more suitable for the severe working condition.

    Item Specifications
    Operating weight 16600~17400kg
    Bucket capacity 2.0~4.5m³
    Rated load 5000Kg
    Max.breakout force 180KN
    Max.dumping height(E) 2945~3210mm
    Dumping distance(G) 1130~1330mm
    Length×Width×Height 8561×3024×3545mm
    Max.tractive force ≥160kN
    Max.climbing angle(H) 30°
    Total time ≤11s
    Steering angel(O) 38°
    Tipping load 100KN
    Rated power 162kW

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